Light, Design and Pendants

One simple question. If you only had one light fitting how would you light a room? Taking it back to its most fundamental level two Fagerhult lighting advisers provide their insight into lighting with pendants. WATCH THE VIDEO OR ENROL FOR MORE CONTENT | Presented by Maja Laveklint & Henrik Sandqvist
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Maja Laveklint & Henrik Sandqvist
Maja Laveklint & Henrik Sandqvist
Lighting advisers

About the instructor

Maja: I work as a Light Adviser at Fagerhult Lighting. To me, light is about enhancing space experiences in a beautiful, safe and energy efficient way with human needs as a starting point. 

Henrik: I joined Fagerhult as Light Adviser from WSP in Gothenburg. To me, light is all about bringing people together and creating dynamic, inspiring environments for communication.

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Light, Design and Pendants