Course Description

The Course

A series of 12 short interviews with Henrik Clausen exploring some of the key issues in the lighting industry. A certificate is supplied upon completion.

Director Fagerhult Light Academy

Henrik Clausen

Henrik has worked in the lighting sector for almost 30 years, collaborating with architects, interior designers and specialist lighting designers. In 1996 he became the Managing Director of Fagerhult Lighting in Denmark, and held that position until 2004, when he founded the Fagerhult Lighting Academy, based in Copenhagen. Henrik was instrumental in developing a pioneering lighting application software designed to aid custom manufacturing of fixtures, called EasyLight. Henrik regularly contributes to international conferences, speaking on various issues related to lighting, primarily addressing the human and emotional aspects of light and lighting design. He has guest lectured at various universities across the globe, including the University of Plymouth and Jönköping University in Sweden. Henrik has been a member of the Board of the Danish Illuminating Engineering Society from 1996 to 2004.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What are the issues facing the lighting industry today?

    • Session 1: watch the video

  • 2

    Is heat an issue for LEDs in countries with warm climates?

    • Session 2: watch the video

  • 3

    We are witnessing a growing number of LED products, what's new on the market?

    • Session 3: watch the video

  • 4

    What are the main benefits of human-centric lighting for the commercial interiors?

    • Session 4: watch the video

  • 5

    What kind of lighting would be the most suitable when designing an activity-based office?

    • Session 5: watch the video

  • 6

    Are architects and interior designers are responding enough to the current changes in lighting design?

    • Session 6: watch the video

  • 7

    Do architects and interior designers have enough understanding about the lighting influences on our biological and emotional wellbeing?

    • Session 7: watch the video

  • 8

    We don’t have any standards on how we should light human beings. Can you briefly outline your standards?

    • Session 8: watch the video

  • 9

    Are the current standards for measuring lighting are still behind the currently available technology?

    • Session 9: watch the video

  • 10

    You’ve mentioned that smart technologies and apps that offer personalisation in lighting. What recent progress has been made in this area?

    • Session 10: watch the video

  • 11

    Where do you see the developments in schools being in the next few years?

    • Session 11: watch the video

  • 12

    What is the most impressive project in the world of lighting that you have come across recently?

    • Session 12: watch the video